Vinyl Letter Application Instructions

With a little care, application of pre-spaced vinyl letters is really quite easy. When working outdoors, try to find an area out of bright sun light and avoid working in wind. Vinyl letters should endure well on any smooth non-porous surface. Glass, vehicles, smooth painted wood, plastic and painted metal are all excellent surfaces for vinyl letters.

STEP 1 – Clean the Surface
Using a strong cleaner which will not harm the sign surface, wipe the entire area and beyond. Wipe the area again with a very mild detergent or just plain water to remove any residue. Wipe the surface dry with a lint-free cloth.

STEP 2 – Align the Vinyl Lettering
Place masking tape along the top edge of the sheet. With the backing paper and application tape still attached, position the vinyl lettering so that it is properly
aligned and level.

STEP 3 – Tape the Graphics in Place
Using the squeegee, stick the masking tape to the sign surface to hold it in place. Use care to make sure the sheet with letters is not wrinkled.

STEP 4 – Cut Long Sheets to Size (optional)
Lettering which is too long to handle easily can be cut vertically with scissors between letters or words. Cut through the Application Tape and Backing Paper,
leaving each piece of the sheet attached to the surface with the masking tape.

STEP 5 – Remove Backing Paper
Flip the sheet up using care not to peel the masking tape away. Remove the wax coated backing paper by slowly peeling it away. Be sure the the vinyl letters remain on the application tape.

STEP 6 – Apply Vinyl Letters
Starting at the top edge, firmly slide the squeegee side to side to seal the letters to the surface. Slowly work your way to the bottom of the sign. Do not let the letters touch the sign surface until the squeegee passes over the area.

STEP 7 – Remove Application Tape
Slowly peel away application tape at a slight angle, making sure that all letters are sticking properly. Use a credit card or something smooth and hard to run it on to the wall. Air bubbles can be removed by cutting a small slice in the letter and working air out.

Once the backing paper has been peeled off, DO NOT let the transfer tape touch anything but the final surface.Tape your words in place on the wall before you begin the application process to see how they will look once applied. This will give you an idea of how it will look once it is applied.Let It Stick products can be used on walls, mirrors, doors, refrigerators, windows, shelves, cars, lockers, books, any thing with a smooth surface etc.

Vinyl Lettering can be stacked in rows, arched, set in straight lines, cut and arranged around doorways, light switches, and more.

To remove lettering, warm up the vinyl using a hair dryer on a low setting. Peel back the warmed vinyl being careful not to rip or peel too quickly. Lettering cannot be used again. Lettering should not remove paint of wall.